Gain an advantage over your competitors with the latest search functions on your website. Offer users the products and content on your website with the highest convenience of use such as auto-suggest, auto-complete and faceting.

Boosting the conversion rate

With an improved internal search, generate more purchasing and booking incentive on your website or keep users longer on your site. If after entering the website the user does not immediately find the desired product, a good internal search will help.

Better marketing

With the IndexDepot search solutions, you increase customer satisfaction and commitment through unerring and quick search results on your website. Gain new keywords from the search queries of users to optimize customer-specific campaigns.

Quick results

Primarily e-commerce websites with high access numbers and complex search queries, applications for mobile end devices as well as websites with comprehensive content benefit from quick search results. A well-functioning full-text search in these areas creates more satisfied recurring customers.

Simple integration

IndexDepot supplies you a very innovative search technology service. You can use preconfigured templates for your application system and impart new functionality to your website. In addition, IndexDepot offers the configuration of the search server for individual solutions via a Web interface.

Cost savings

Your savings are double. If you supply in advance concrete answers to user questions with a smart search, you avoid expensive support calls. You reduce administrative costs by using IndexDepot and you focus on core expertise without operating your own server infrastructures.