Amazon AWS

IndexDepot uses the cloud infrastructure of Amazon, one of the world's leading providers of IT infrastructure services. We also have servers available in different regions when needed and depending on the location.

Continuous monitoring

We continuously monitor our hardware and can thus identify and avoid possible conflicts already at the front end.

Data backup

You can back up your individual configurations at any time in the log-in area of IndexDepot. We make a corresponding backup functionality available to you.

Access protection

IndexDepot proposals can be safeguarded in many ways. Apart from the obligatory creation very long access codes for the search index, we recommend that you use IP-based access rules and HTTP authentication. You can directly configure both after logging into the internal log-in area.

The existing SSL certificate secures your connections to the IndexDepot proposal through encryption of up to 256 bit. You can also demand that only SSL-secured connections to the search index be allowed.

Data protection

We comply with the data protection regulations. Security has the highest priority and integrity belongs to our company philosophy. Be assured of this yourself and contact us if you have other questions at