Smart search solutions from the cloud

IndexDepot furnishes search solutions for numerous applications based on the latest technologies. Benefit from the advantages of the Apache Solr and ElasticSearch search server in the cloud, one of the first services that we offer. With IndexDepot you reduce the installation, configuration and operating costs of your own server and with the pre-assembled templates you can equip many applications immediately with a smart search function. You then gain satisfied customers for your websites or mobile applications.

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Simple configuration

IndexDepot places the focus on simple and secure use as well as the quick integration of smart search solutions in your applications. Make use of our service with already available and partly free of charge plug-ins for content management and shop systems, blogs, wikis or forums. Setup is done in a few minutes.

Smart search solutions

Use search technologies like the professionals. Do full-text searches even inside very large document collections and link the indexing and the search to various auxiliary functions such as geo-search, auto-completion when entering a search item, spell checker, similarity search and faceting.

High performance

The search solution is optimized for the query of large volumes of data and offers very good response times in comparison to conventional relational database systems even when the queries are highly complex. Your users will thank you for quicker, focused and qualitatively better search results.

Search consulting and individual development

Do you operate an individual Web application or mobile application and require support for the use of suitable search solutions? We are glad to help in optimization and, when needed, will also develop and implement your customer-specific solutions.